Status of EPOS implementation
for the month of December / 2021 from FEAST
Number of Districts 11
Number of Cards 302914
Number of Members 1062633
  (A)    Number of Shops with Cards 1640
  (B)    Number of ePos Shops (Device Mapped) 1638
  (A-B) Number of Non-ePos Shops (Device Not Mapped) 2
Number of ePos Shops without Dealer Mapping 0
Last month Shops not available this month 0
New Shops added this month 2
Difference of Cards between previous and current month 126
ePos Shops with Zero allocation 0
UID Not Mapped Members 108856
Name not Available Memebrs 0
Less than 10 Cards FPS * 11
Not Seeded RC's* 19048

Commodity Name Zero Allocation Shops Total Allocation
For all FPS in KG
Rice 0 6190310.000
PMGKAY-Rice 0 5309400.000